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Subtrek To Make Its Debut at DEMA SHOW 2013

SubTrek™ to Make it's Debut at DEMA SHOW 2013

DEMA Booth #233
Impressive and creative, new program caters to resort divers
Released on: 10/28/2013

SUBTREK is the latest innovation of Scubalife, that targets all aquatic enthusiasts and introduces them to the underwater world.  Unlike traditional “Resort Scuba Experiences” which can be overwhelming and historically have had mixed outcomes, SUBTREK provides an easy and stress free way for potential divers to do an underwater excursion that is easier than snorkeling.

SUBTREK has a stable platform for 2 cylinders to rest and two 25 foot umbilical’s.  Guests can explore reefs and underwater environments easier and more controlled.  The concept of SUBTREK is to introduce every snorkeler to their first breath underwater.  This simple introduction will capture the desire to “go deeper” and take the next step beyond snorkeling, to becoming a certified scuba diver.

Guests (max 2 per unit) get a through dive briefing by a qualified guide and within minutes are off exploring.  Unlike other products, SUBTREK is a turnkey business opportunity that provides operators an easy to use, highly profitable model ideally suited for most dive operations.

“Snorkelers far outnumber divers and currently there is very little being done to get them to take the next step and go for their Scuba Certification.  SUBTREK will promote diving and ensure that the first underwater experience is amazing.  The training, developed by NASE Worldwide, integrates into its open water program providing extra incentive to become a diver,” says Tina Nelson, Manager of Training and Development at ScubaLife.

The SUBTREK licensing program is available worldwide and licensees receive total support including marketing, training and equipment warranty.  

Donovan Brown of Eastern Caribbean Diving adds “I choose this program over the others because of the equipment and training system.  It also increases my conversion rate for scuba training.  My staff, all of which are NASE Professionals, can run the SUBTREK units or conduct scuba training.  I like that flexibility and my customers can enjoy themselves knowing their guides are highly trained” 

To learn more about SUBTREK and how its highly profitable business model will work for you

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